Feeling stressed?

Hard to cope with it?
Aid Stress is here to help.

Providing help in coping with stress

Mostly stress is connected with our work, there we can find out whether we have much work or not and because we are being pushed to the achievements very often can come a feeling of for instance fear of loosing control or fear of rejection, those are unwanted effects of the stress. And as time goes number of triggers begins to grow as we are becoming sensitive towards stress.


What happens then is that we choose two ways how to cope with the situation, 'fight' or 'flight'. In case of choice 'flight' there we tend to choose the escape and that's for instance habit of smoking or eating. Problem is that this helps in short period and it can go to the point that the more you eat, the more you becomes sensitive towards stress.

But there are more ways of the coping and you won't get higher weight or worse health. Such ways are working with power of mind. Think about one thing: "Your mind has bigger power than you think."



“Jakub always shows up when needed. He can feel when things are not in harmony. Many times he helped me to overcome difficult times and find a way out of trouble.”




“Jakub has a great merit on my current health state (which is more than satisfactory). Thanks to his sessions I am more calm, balanced and feel better on the whole.”



“The problems I had suddenly dissolved. I stopped to think up possible ways to solve things, but started to act!”




“I wanted to let you know that I felt much better after the last session. It helped a lot with my general wellbeing both physical and psychological.”