"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions."

The Story


"... was about meeting with a remarkable being. All I saw was somebody without a face, but the light from him was so blissful. I then came to some board on a wall, which seemed to be a list of all names, and one had the title “the liberated” before the name."​


from the book: The Mystery of Life


That inspired me to think; it was really powerful moment to see such a being without words as if I had to do something. Later in my practice I've seen that is hard for some clients recognize what means to be happy. Then I was asking myself, what if somebody had a title before his name? Titles like beatific in a shortcut Btc. We use our names as tools for identification, title could be a reminder who we are and even though we lost such state, we know how it looked like we was beatific. In other words title can be the effective anchor for leaving unpleasant states.

How to gain diploma in happiness 


Nothing is easier, first of all is necessary to make an order. You will get via email the questionnaire, one part of this test is write down on A4 something about your most beautiful event that happened recently or anytime in the past.

How this is evaluated


First thing is current state and conditions, for instance if you are looking for job, it is hard to feel happiness, am I right? Second thing is subconscious tendencies, in other words to be able naturaly manage the way you feel. And third is first impression, in other words the body language, ability to communicate actively or passively.